TV production

What is TV production?

TV production is a wide term, so wide that it might not even exist as a category by itself.  Everything filmed and aired on television and its related channels is considered to be a part of the TV domain. That includes filming TV series, movies, documentary movies and series, entertainment shows, informative shows, talk shows, sports, etc.

TV production can be <<in house>>, which means all of the TV pieces previously mentioned are filmed and produced within one TV company and primarily with people who work for the TV company in question. By the law of the Republic of Croatia, every TV company is obliged to buy a certain percentage of TV programs by independent productions. If it’s public television then the purchase is based on applications, and if it’s a private national TV company the programs are chosen through offers.

The process of how a certain TV company a program is made depends on the TV company itself, so we prefer not to write about this. A more important information is how independent production companies create their programs.

For starters, an idea about a certain project must be present as well as the buyers interest in the matter. If these two components are met, we begin to establish something that will become part of a TV program. TV production is obliged to write a script (or more of them if it’s a series) and form a budget based on the script.

The executive producer organizes and spreads the budget amounts among sectors based on the number of anticipated filming days and/or established requirements regarding a certain sector (to learn more about forming a budget, take a look at our vlog HOLY EXCEL). If the project is a series, then the budget is created based on a sole episode.

After selling the series and before starting production, the same producer will contact all of the associates and sign a suitable contract before starting the process of pre-production. Same as with other video projects, there are three phases: pre-production, production and post-production.


Do you require TV production?

Not many people and/or companies in Croatia require TV production services. Normally the production company itself comes up with different projects and tries to launch them so this service gradually, or from the very start, becomes a source of income for the company.

There are three groups of people/companies that require TV production services:

  1. Foreign productions who come to Croatia to film certain parts of their projects
  2. People who have a good idea for a TV project but lack the knowledge to turn it into a reality
  3. Companies who want to fund the development of a short TV piece for the purpose of advertising themselves within that TV show. Those are usually big companies who want to position themselves on the market not only using direct forms of advertising but also through communicating with the ultimate buyer in an educational and informative way. Today, with the expansion of digital channels, these kinds of shows are very popular on YouTube.

If you think you require a TV production service, contact us without hesitation at


What is the price of a certain TV piece?

As opposed to other video projects, when it comes to TV production it is impossible to even roughly state the prices (budgets) in question. There are too many factors that affect the budget and the very first one is the idea.


Why should foreign productions film in Croatia?

There are two reasons why foreign productions should film in Croatia.

The first one is its locations that can be readily adapted to the requirements of a certain TV piece. Logistically, Croatia is the ideal country to film in because all areas in the region are easily accessible and all needs regarding filming can be met across multiple locations in a very short time frame. Croatia can become the Sahara Desert, the Himalayas, an old medieval town, the wild west and so on. Foreign productions that plan on filming part of their series in Croatia should definitely consider hiring a local production because of tax advantages plus they can request assistance from HAVC (Croatian Audiovisual Centre).

The second reason is the mention of Croatia in some part of the project, for example its cuisine, lifestyle, nature, etc. In this case we are talking about shorter and more targeted shoots for which the foreign production will need solid local assistance.


Ways we can help with creating a certain TV piece

Serena pro d.o.o. and Točka na i d.o.o. are companies with considerable experience specifically in TV production. Not only do we produce these makings, we also write scripts for our clients and help refine ideas they already have. Our specialty is filming amusing documentary series, but we would be happy to work with you on different projects as well.

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