TV advertisement

What is a TV ad?

A TV ad is a video that is up to 1 minute long and entirely funded by the client. The aim is to promote a certain product or service in order to improve their rating on the market. The ad is filmed on the basis of a script written by either the client or the marketing agency hired by the client. The production company can also come up with an idea for the ad, which enables the client to modify the script according to their budget.

The world’s first ever TV ad was made in the USA in the year 1941. It aired on the WNBT channel before the baseball game. Since then, there has been millions of TV ads filmed across the world, and the trend keeps on growing considering that the digital age allows TV ads to be filmed for less money and placed via other channels that are not TV programs.


TV ads today

The term TV ad is no longer correct because these videos are now played on many different platforms, such as YouTube, Vimeo, Instagram and so on. Another term for a TV ad would be a commercial video, which is more fitting considering all of the above.

It is important to inform clients that, before starting the process of filming a TV ad, they should make a solid plan about where and for how long the ad will be aired. That way the production, along with the marketing agency (if it’s involved in the process of making the TV ad), and the director will have a better idea about their approach to the shoot and, later, editing the video.

More precisely, it means that the video intended for online advertising must be shorter in length, so the viewer would stay motivated and perceive it (for example, YouTube allows only 5 seconds for the ad to be acknowledged before the user can skip it).

Furthermore, after the TV ad being aired for a while, the clients are recommended to start broadcasting a shorter version of the ad (10-15 seconds) because of two main reasons:

  1. Viewer’s intolerance towards being constantly bombarded with marketing messages – let’s say the viewer is fed up with messages
  2. TV providers charge their service of airing promo materials by their length per second. A shorter ad will save the client significant figures for a future marketing campaign


TV ad pricing

It often occurs that a potential client inquiry about the price of a TV ad. It is impossible to answer this question without having insight into the script and without having a proper meeting with the client. There can be anywhere between 10 and a 100 people involved in the process of making a TV ad (and that’s a very rough assessment).

The average number of days spent shooting a video of this nature ranges from half a day to up to 3 days while the preparations (pre-production) last from one week to several months. In the process of creating 30 seconds of promo material you will meet copywriters, producers and their assistants, casting managers, location managers, directors and cameramen, video editors, lighting and scene department, perhaps even people in charge of special effects on set or during post-production, animators, actors, extras and their coordinators, costume designers, mask designers and the rest. Every single one of them will equally contribute to the process of creating a TV ad.

If a client insists on forming a price of an ad, we can state that the prices vary from 10.000,00 kn up to several million euros.


Why film a TV ad in Croatia

Most foreign productions expect to film at a much lower cost in Croatia rather than in their own country. This is somewhat true because associate fees are not as high as in other countries in Western Europe, USA or Australia.

Some of the rentals in Croatia are more affordable than those in the countries previously mentioned, but the main reason to film in Croatia are its locations and size.                            You can find out more about the locations on our link Location management.

Production has been present in this area for over 80 years now and from the very start it attracted clients from USA and Europe. The old approach to production, which respects the hierarchy of production, is very emphasized and efficient. Knowledge and skills acquired throughout the years are passed on to younger generations. We have been taught how to work on a tight budget and make the impossible possible – straight away.

We hope you’ll give us a chance to demonstrate our value. Contact us without any hesitation at


Ways we can help with filming a TV ad

Our team is familiar with every segment of the production process and we would be happy to help with a casual advice.

If you’re already certain about what you want, we will guide you through the process of creating your own TV ad professionally and responsibly.

We remain at your disposal for any kind of inquiry, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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