Smaller video solutions

What are smaller video solutions?

This form isn’t really classified in production under a certain name or category. Smaller video solutions are video materials made on a tight budget, which means they don’t require professional equipment or a large group of people in an organization. The whole process comes down to one to three people who, using minimal equipment, carry out the shoot for the client. What needs to be taken into consideration is that this doesn’t mean the project will look bad, it just means that the initial costs are low, filming doesn’t take up more than one day and there are no special ordered graphics.

For instance, it can be video instructions for users or short video materials for YouTube, applications (such as exercise videos for a weight loss app).


Do you require a video solution?

If you want to tell your story on YouTube or you need to record instructions on how to use your product or you want to film your environment or reach out to clients through your website, you are the client in need of a small video solution.

It is difficult to list everything that falls under this domain, but we are here for you to contact us so that together we could come up with the best option for you. Write to us at

What is the price of a video solution?

We have already mentioned that smaller video solutions are lower in price compared to other services in video production. Just like with everything else, a script is required or at the very least a description of what we ultimately want to accomplish. Since it is more than likely that the same person will be in charge of the filming, directing and editing, a written description of what the client wants will suffice for the development of the project and budgeting.  Prices for smaller video solutions can be anywhere from 500 kn and up to 10.000,00 kn.

This is a very rough estimate considering we don’t know in advance what the client desires or the amount of video material required. Obviously, 10 video materials will cost less per piece than just one video. This is a segment where the client needs to be aware of the fact that his idea will be tailored strictly according to the budget and that bigger deviations will not be possible due to smaller capacities.


Ways we can help with filming a video solution

First and foremost, we need to ask ourselves on what basis will the client know which segment of video production his project belongs to. The quickest way to finding an answer is to contact us and we will provide you with all the necessary information, no strings attached. To us, big or small projects simply don’t exist, and neither do big or small clients.

We would be happy to assist you with a friendly advice if you contact us at

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