Corporate video

What is a corporate video?

Companies film corporate videos for many reasons (we will name them later), but certainly not because of advertising. The purpose of a corporate video is to showcase the strength, size, growth and prestige of the company both internally (to the employees) as well as the buyers/clients that do business with the company.

As opposed to a TV ad, the length of a corporate video is not specifically determined. It can be anywhere from 2 minutes to indefinitely long. Of course, it is advised for it to be under 15 minutes, so it can be seen by a higher number of targeted audiences.

A certain company will create a corporate video in order to showcase their success and/or growth. For the duration of this video, the company will attempt to tell their story – about their history, employees, locations, units, etc. This kind of video will often be used as a form of B2B communication or as a way of gaining the client’s trust.


When is the right time to film a corporate video?

A company will have a corporate film made when they feel it’s time to put a mark on a certain period of time since being in business. For instance, if a company started with only one employee and today they have 50, creating a video is a good way to demonstrate how the company progressed. Also, it can be a good way of celebrating a company anniversary or opening a new business unit.

If you’ve developed a new product or service, it is important to showcase what it looks like, how it was created and what are its advantages compared to the competition. This is called a corporate promotional video. It is particularly useful for companies that are competing for government subsidies or attending a trade show as suppliers with a certain product or service.

A corporate video doesn’t have to be serious. You may want to surprise your employees and include them in the process of making a fun video.

Clients can also request this service when they want to film an event they’re organizing. Any guest would be happy to watch a nicely edited video of an event they’ve attended. This is no longer a corporate video, but even a filming of this nature can be approached in a more serious manner during montage.

The organizational structure of the company (or just the owner) will estimate, with the help of the marketing department, corporate communications and often the human resources department, when is the right time to film a corporate video.

Companies that are not sure about whether to film a corporate video or don’t know where to start from, can always come to us and we would be happy to propose a few ideas according to their budget.

Što se sve može dobiti iz korporativnog filma?

We can talk about the benefits of filming a corporate video from two different angles.  A company that has a well-made corporate video up on their website without a doubt looks very professional. The customer/client is informed that the company is led by people with an established correlation. This implies having competitive advantage.

But, what are the benefits of a corporate video as a product of production? A well-thought-out filming schedule, along with the script, will enable the company to film a corporate video, perhaps a promotional corporate video, a TV ad and possibly a short video clip (about a minute long), which will be easier to place among a wider population – all for a very small increase in price.

Even though this is the more difficult road for any production company, it is important to advise the client to consider these possibilities before working together.


How to approach filming a corporate video?

A corporate video is not something you do very often, so it requires a systematic approach.  It is more than likely that these materials will be used up to several years so the first questions we ask are: WHAT DO YOU WANT TO SHOWCASE IN THIS VIDEO, WHO DO YOU WANT TO TARGET WITH THIS VIDEO AND WHAT IS THE ULTIMATE GOAL?

If a client has the answers to these questions, we can consider half of the work done.

After finding the answers to these questions, the production company arrives on the scene, along with their copywriters/scriptwriters. In correspondence with the client, we go over the premises/production or define in detail everything that needs to be filmed. It is the client’s responsibility to inform us about their budget. It has happened in the past that the client’s financial possibilities haven’t been properly discussed before the production invested time into writing materials that are financially infeasible and overly expensive to the client. It is up to the production to offer the client the best possible solution that fits their budget.

Why should foreign productions/clients film corporate videos in Croatia?

The fundamental reason to choose Croatia as the place to film your corporate video are its filming locations. The second reason, not any less important, is the cost of the service. If you want to showcase the products your company has to offer and all the different ways to use them, if you want to flaunt the sense of teamwork within your company, if you produce luxury goods and want to present them in the best light – Croatia Is the land where you’ll find everything you’re looking for with minimum time spent.

If you’re not sure if you should pick Croatia as the place to film your video, feel free to contact us at and we would be happy to help with a friendly advice at the very least.

How is the price for a corporate video formed?

Just like with any other video project, to start with you need to have a rough concept of the script or at least a breakdown of the idea. Based on this information, the producer will straight away be able to tell how many days the filming is going to take, how many cameras and cameramen are required, how much editing will be necessary plus all other things important during filming (costume design, props, tone, etc.)

Naturally, clients who don’t have a script or a formed idea can hardly do business this way so in that case, it’s best for them to clarify the size of their budget and state what they approximately expect to gain with it. On that note, the production will suggest a script and explain to the client (in writing) what they can achieve with it.

We are fully aware that it’s difficult for clients with jobs in a different field of work, outside the production industry, to predict the sum of money in question so we will make it easier for you and say a corporate video can be made at a starting price of about 15.000,00 kn.  This is a price for one to two days of filming at a location no further than 50 km away from where production is based.

You can get the most accurate information regarding the budget for your corporate video from a production company so feel free to contact us.

To find out more about forming prices for video materials, take a look at How much for a loaf of a video?

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