Writing solutions for video projects / Copywriting

What does <<Writing solutions for a video project>> entail?

You may have noticed in some of our previous articles that we often state how difficult it is to create an offer or production budget without a script.  This service covers precisely that – mapping out the idea, which will make it easier for the client to film his project with us or some other production company. Normally this service is offered by marketing and/or copywriting agencies and freelance copywriters with the aim of creating a marketing campaign for the client. Copywriting implies generating nearly all of the marketing tools, such as ads, billboards, jingles, printed media ads, etc. The copywriter writes down words/sentences/articles that will help the client reach out to the customers while using a certain marketing tool.

Copywriters also come up with TV commercials and corporate films and incorporate them in the whole story/campaign. Production companies, on the other hand, should not be involved in this segment of work but what needs to be taken into consideration is that big companies and corporations whose work is monitored by marketing agencies are not the only ones in need of video materials. Some of our clients are also successful companies with a small group of employees, growing companies, companies with their own marketing department and so on. Their interaction with production is not so common so they often may not be ready to write scripts and ideas for their video projects on their own.


Do you require a service such as writing solutions for a video project?

We can state, without hesitation, that any client that requires some form of video material and doesn’t have an idea or a script, is truly in need of a person who will provide them with such services. It is important to mention that the much-talked-about script is not only important for calculating your expenses but also to prevent unpredicted ones. Without the written word it is easy to get carried away and waste a whole day without finishing the planned shoot.

Video productions base their expenses on the number of filming days, so it can easily occur that instead of one day and one estimated price, a client without a script and price break-down, can cause damage to his own project and increase the price by 100%.

Therefore, we advise our clients that it would be wise to come up with several versions of the idea and then go with the one that the client prefers the most, assuming it’s realistic to shoot.


What is the price of a service such as writing solutions for a video project?

Marketing agencies and people who do this job for a living have their own price list, which differs from company/person to company/person. This is not one of the main functions of our team and therefore it is incorporated into the entire budget of a certain project (shoot).  The price of this service is not fixed or strictly established. With smaller projects (small video solutions), this service can be free of charge or there might be a symbolic fee, all to make the client as productive and content as possible.

When it comes to medium-sized and bigger projects, the cost can be between 1 to 4% of the project’s total value. It is possible to offer the client the possibility of completing this service independently, without having to cooperate with us further. We would be happy to make create an offer and meet up with you in order to define the exact price for the service of writing a solution/copywriting.

Contact us without hesitation at serenapro@serenapro.hr.

Ways we can help with writing solutions for a video project

Writing solutions for a video project is a mutual effort by the client and us. The client is the one who knows what he ultimately wants to gain, while our advantage is being able to simultaneously write and put everything into financial context. For us, it is enough to know your budget and the message you want to communicate through the final material and very shortly we will present you with several options for the script.

If you, as a client, demand to have a team assembled to work on your project and distribute it through other types of media, we would be delighted to have that done for you as well. We are extremely fond of this segment of work and we look forward to your email or call!

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