What is a casting?

A casting is a process in pre-production where professional actors or amateurs are chosen for a role in a certain video project. The casting manager – i.e., the person who is familiar with the array of actors and amateurs on the market (possesses a database), relying on the script and the client’s wishes, informs potential candidates about the casting.  During the casting, the manager will ask the actors to play a part of the role they’ve been called for.

For example, that can be an expression of happiness or sadness, pretending to drink from a cup and so on. Everything is filmed with a camera and then sent to the client in order to decide who is the most fitting for the role.

You can find out more about castings from our video WHAT DOES A CASTING LOOK LIKE AND WHO CAN BE AN <<ACTOR>>?

Do you require a casting and when?

If you want to film a commercial, corporate movie, feature film or some other video solution and your script is based on different characters (roles) that are important for the fulfillment of the idea itself, then you definitely require a casting and help with choosing actors/amateurs/models.

Normally the director, with the help of the casting manager, will choose potential candidates, but in the end the client will have the final say about who will represent his brand or product through a video piece.


How to request a casting?

To request a casting, calling an agency that deals with that is sufficient. You can hire us via email or call us at +385 98 884 734 (Vedrana Mikez).

Required information:

  1. The number of roles in your script (for example mom, dad, child…) – in addition to this information it is important to send suggestions about the type of person that you’re looking for. The easiest thing to do would be to browse through the internet a little bit and send us images of some faces that appeal to you the most. The casting manager will find the most similar looking people according to your desires.
  2. The date of finalizing the casting (final casting day) – make sure to terminate your casting at least 5 days prior to filming. That way you can request for the best candidates to be brought in for a call back, personally meet them and see the way they act. It can also occur that you don’t find what you’re looking for among these faces. In that case, if it’s been previously arranged, the casting can continue.
  3. Your budget for each role and time period during which you plan on using the rights of showcasing their faces (so called buyout – territorial, time and which media) – people that are into acting (professionally or amateur) are familiar with the prices on the market. Those with more experience will request better pay and vice versa. It is CRUCIAL that the casting manager knows what kind of honorariums he is able to offer the candidates before starting the casting.

If you find it difficult to determine any of these points, feel free to contact us in order to help you with some advice and a proposition on how to shape your story at

Should you request a casting in Croatia if you’re a foreign production?

There are two reasons why foreign production companies and agencies request casting services from us. If a foreign production is filming somewhere in Croatia, it is more financially feasible for them to cast actors/amateurs from Croatia (or even the region). Compared to foreign casting agencies, our services are (due to the market itself), somewhat cheaper and thanks to a similar language in other countries of the region, we are very well-networked and can execute a simultaneous casting in Croatia, Serbia, Slovenia and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The second reason why foreign productions and agencies hire us is the sole visual quality of candidates that we offer. It is well known that every country/nation has certain physical characteristics. Croatia is special because, due to its geographical position, it is very diverse in terms of peoples physical characteristics. Thus, we have Mediterranean, Dinaric and lowland type of looks. Since we are a small country in terms of territory, it’s easy to get in touch with any region.

How is a casting done and who do you call?

The casting takes place in our headquarters except if it’s a really big casting with over a hundred attendants in which case we rent out a larger studio space.

In order to prepare a casting, it is required to make a list of all the people that we want to call. This usually takes up to three days. Depending on the number of roles we’re casting, the duration of the casting will be determined throughout the day.

The process of a casting is such that every candidate is required to:

  1. Have his/her picture taken
  2. Film his/her introduction in Croatian or English
  3. Film a task sent out by the client

After the casting (the very same day), the client will receive a portfolio containing information about all the candidates that attended the casting. All of the video materials will be edited, as well as the photographs, if need be (resized or cropped).

The way the casting is finalized and presented to the client depends on the client himself, for example – are the candidates going to be displayed in one portfolio lined up by their numbers or is every candidate going to have a portfolio of their own. Also, it is up to the client to decide which resolution does he want the final video to be.

Along with all of these materials, the client will also receive a casting list with additional info about the candidates (their height, weight, availability during filming and so on).

Do you require extras, who are they and do they get cast?

An extra is a person who appears in a certain video piece but cannot be recognized in the completed material. More precisely, an extra is someone who takes up space in the background during a scene.

Practically nothing can be filmed without extras because, without them, the final materials would look empty, cold and artificial.

Extras will play random passer-byes, drive cars, sit at a café as guests, etc.

Normally extras don’t get a casting call considering their fees are extremely low (compared to the time spent on set) and attending a casting is just not worth their while. However, if the client is really keen on casting extras then they are guaranteed an honorarium just for showing up to the casting.

An experienced extra coordinator will know how to choose people for a certain set based on the script and the director’s input. If a client feels uncertain about the coordinator’s skills, he can request to see photos of the extras that the coordinator plans on hiring. The director and client can pick out their ideal extra among numerous photographs. If the people that they’ve chosen can’t or won’t participate in the project, the coordinator will search for the most similar looking individuals as their replacement.

There are situations in which the client and the director want to immediately see photos of people that have agreed to participate as extras in advance. The client will be additionally charged for this service since it is considered to be a form of casting.

How to form a price for a casting?

The price of a casting is determined by several factors:

  1. The number of roles in your script
  2. Which cities/countries do you want the casting to take place in
  3. How demanding are the roles you require
  4. How many days will the casting take
  5. How would you like the casting to be filmed

If you want to be certain about the price of a casting, contact us with detailed information and we would be happy to present you with an offer, no strings attached. You can email us at

How to calculate honorariums for actors, extras and extras with a task?

Extras/extras with a task

Honorariums for extras are primarily formed based on (and confirmed by the script) how long you require extras for and if you require regular extras or extras performing a certain task.

An extra with a task, as opposed to a regular extra, will be granted a smaller role in a scene. For instance, if you need a police officer who will ask someone to show their ID or you’re looking for a waiter to say <<Good evening>>.  An honorarium for an extra is not determined by the number of hours spent on set, but by the <<size>> of the role, that person is required to play.

If you’re familiar with this information we would be happy to put together an offer for you based on the number of extras/extras with a task. Contact us at


Forming an honorarium for actors/amateurs is a thankless job. We advise our clients to contact us prior to setting up a budget so that we would be able to help them with this very important budget category in advance.

In order to form a price, the client must know:

  1. Whether he wants a professional actor/actress or an amateur – besides actors, the client can request a casting with models, athletes, acrobats, etc.
  2. For how long he wants to sign the buyout for – as we’ve stated earlier, a buyout means that the person acting for the client will, for a certain honorarium, allow for his image to be used in the video. Rights are usually bought for a period of 1-2 years. If the client wishes to use the same video material after that, he will have to make an additional payment towards the actor/amateur of about 30-50% of the honorarium stated in the first contract. It is possible to split the payment and offer the candidate an honorarium for all the days spent on set, and then state in the contract that the actor will receive an additional payment if his/her face ends up being shown in the video. You can purchase full screening rights (total buyout) but be aware that the honorariums are much higher in this case. Keep in mind that it is much easier to define the rights with corporate movies and other smaller projects rather than with projects whose video materials are displayed much more frequently.

It is good to know that every honorarium is paid out through royalties which is more or less an additional 40% on top of the net honorarium (surcharges, tax, IORP and health insurance) and that the agency charges a commission of 20% on top of the net honorarium for people based in that particular agency.

We advise all of our clients, both future and regular, to contact us at in order to obtain detailed information about forming an honorarium.

Ways we can help with organizing a casting and hiring extras

Serena pro d.o.o. and Točka na i d.o.o. will be happy to respond to any client and all the inquiries they might have regarding casting or hiring extras. The offers we present our clients with are very transparent and the client can see in detail exactly which services he is paying for. Creating an offer is not binding in any way and if it suits you, we will organize any type of casting for all kinds of roles. We will also organize extras and extras with a task at any location in Croatia, no matter the number of extras required.

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