About us

Serena d.o.o. is a production company established in the year 2004 in Zagreb. We offer full video production services to our clients, from writing scripts and ideas for TV ads, corporate films, TV format, documentaries, etc. to executing any kind of video project and bringing it to life. Persons/companies that require photo production services can come to us as well.

We always try to be completely open and transparent with our clients and, using a friendly approach, attempt to solve any problem as well as provide them with the best possible and financially feasible solutions. According to our team, big or small projects do not exist and neither do big or small clients. Our desire is to assure the best possible service for everyone that comes to us.

our team

Therefore, welcome to our website! We hope you will find all the necessary information here. In case you may have any additional questions, we would be happy to respond to each and every one of them.

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